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Review:  Superdrug Care Witch Hazel

Hello everyone ! Today I am going to review something amazing, which I recently discovered at superdrug. That is, Superdrug Care Witch Hazel.

People with oily skin know how difficult it is to maintain the skin in summer, specially the kind of heat and humidity we face in Bangladesh for most of the year. So, how do you know if you have oily skin?
Well, the signs are:

  • Face getting greasy and oily almost within one hour of washing (with face wash/ scrub)
  • Shiny forehead, nose area and chin
  • Pores getting larger, especially around the nose area, in summer.
  • Mostly, at the end of the day, the face looks like a grease ball (thanks to shine and oiliness) !!

What is witch hazel :

Before writing about the astringent, maybe you want to know about the ‘witch hazel’ thingy. Just like, I wanted to know when I first heard the term witch hazel. Well, witch hazel is one kind of small sized flowering plant which is available in North America, Japan and China. And the history of production and usages of Witch Hazel astringents goes back to Native Americans, they used to produce a decoction by boiling the stems of the shrub and used to use it for the purpose of treat swellings, Inflammations, and tumors because of its natural antibacterial and healing properties. So, now I hope you have some idea why Witch Hazel is such a raved about ingredient in the skincare regimen.

So, this summer, I wanted to try a witch hazel product to see if my skin gets better at handling the oiliness. I browsed few websites and saw this witch hazel solution at the superdrug website. At the bottle, it says “an astringent skin cleanser containing natural witch hazel.” It also claims, “Care witch hazel solution gently tones and cleanses the skin removing excess oils, impurities and makeup.”

I was already excited to see the claim its making, so decided to order it and give it a try in place of my regular toner.  It is a 200ml bottle and it did cost me around 800 taka.


it comes it a glass bottle which is dark in color, so sunlight cannot damage or affect the product in any harmful way. It has a simple plastic, screw cap. The opening end of the bottle is quite wide. So there is a chance of spilling the product if not careful.

Ingredients: hamamelis, virginiana distillate, alchohol.  (mentioned in bottle)


How do I apply it :

After washing my face with a facewash , (currently I’m using the Bodyshop tea tree facewash and Biore Blemish Fighting Ice cleanser alternatively due to my acne and blemish prone skin) I take a ball of cotton and soak it into the astringent. The opening side of the bottle is quite wide, so you can easily tilt the bottle and soak your cotton ball when the liquid comes out. Then, I gently apply it in my face in an upward motion. After 2-3minutes of that, I put the bodyshop tea tree moisturizer on my face. Then, if I’m going outside, I put the regular makeup, for me its simply a facepowder or powder foundation with SPF.


The pores around my nose area automatically get bigger and as the hours of a day pass, it gets oily and oilier , also my chin gets oily with the hours, which is not a happy experience at all ! So, Before starting to use it, I was positive and also a bit skeptical, as I never used any with hazel product before. But within 2-3days of using the astringent , I realized the pores around my nose area are getting smaller, and my chin doesn’t get oily like it used to! I waited few more weeks to see if the difference stays or not. To my surprise, it really does! The pores around my nose area are now smaller and the chin, almost the whole T-zone doesn’t get oily like it used to. Yes, a little bit of oiliness occurs around afternoon or evening, but that’s very normal in such humidity. The reason I’m pointing out also much about the oiliness is, it has always been a big concern for me about how to handle the ‘unpleasant’ condition of my skin in summer. And now I can say, the solution is here! Also, my skin is sensitive and very acne prone all through the year. But, the astringent works so well on my skin that, so far this year, I haven’t even got one single acne at all!! So, the antibacterial property really works !

There is one thing, as I wrote above that I am using the bodyshop tea tree moisturizer, I guess the moisturizer, along with the astringent is keeping my face oil free and shine free. Because, if you have oily skin and you are using a moisturizer which is not oil-free, your face will get and remain oily no matter which astringent you use. So, my suggestion is, while choosing moisturizer, go for an oil-free one specially in summer.

I have much oily skin, if not super oily and the witch hazel astringent suits me, I guess it will suit beauties with combination type skin too. Though I can’t say much about dry skin!

So, lets sum it up !


  1. Tightens the pores in face, especially around nose area, chin.
  2. The face remains matte, oil-free and shine free almost till afternoon. Though I’m not sure if someone has to spend whole day outside, how long it’ll hold the skin from getting oily!
  3. Really soothes the skin
  4. Prevent breakout and makes the skin softer.
  5. Affordable.
  6. The presence of alcohol might concern people with sensitive skin, but having an oily and sensitive skin, the alcohol in this product didn’t do any harm on my skin.


I haven’t found much con, except:

  1. the bottle has a wide opening, so if you are not careful, a lot of product may come out and it might get messy !
  2. it has a slight ayurvedic (herbal) smell, which is not a con for me, but it can be a con if you are very much prone to hating herbal smells!

Overall, it’s a 10 on 10 product, and if you are looking for a product to fight against all your oily skin concerns, you should get it.

I know how frustrating it is to handle oily skin, so I hope this post really helps people with oily skin. Let me know your feedback.

Cheers! 🙂


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