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How to achieve healthy hair

Hair health is a big concern for all the girls. with so much styling and usage of products, hair becomes prone to breakage and fall. so, one has to take extra measures to regain the lusciousness and health of maintain healthy hair, I use the following recipe to make an oil that strengthens hair and makes hair silky. so lets see the recipe first, and then I’ll talk to you about what good it did to my hair.

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  1. Coconut Oil
  2. Olive Oil
  3. Castor Oil
  4. Almond Oil
  5. Kalijira
  6. Fenugreek Seeds


Take same proportion of Castor Oil, Almond Oil and Olive Oil and take Double proportion of Coconut Oil (say, if other oils are taken at 1 Table Spoon quantity, Coconut Oil should be taken at 1 Table Spoon Quantity). Mix the oils together and warm them up for few minutes. then add smashed Fenugreek seeds and Kalijira, and warm those with the mixture of oil for few minutes (5-7 minutes) more. you can stir the mixture with a spoon for few times while warming up the mixture.

Application: use the mixture 3-5 days a week onto your hair. massage the scalp properly with the mixture for few minutes. put the mixture at the ends of the hair too. then tilt your head upside down, again massage the scalp with fingertips. this will increase blood circulation in your scalp, making the roots stronger and accelerating the hair growth naturally. leave the hair like this for 30 minutes to 1 hours. also, you can use this oil on you hair as overnight mask. then, wrap a towel socked in warm water around your head. leave it for 15 minutes. then wash your hair with shampoo, as you normally wash.

benefits: I have been using the mixture for more than 10 days. it is making my hair dense. the hair fall has reduced upto 70%. I have curly, dry type hair, and it has made my hair silky and soft to touch. my hair is more manageable now.

disclaimer: I have got the main recipe from another blog and a friend of mine. I have altered the proportion of the other oils to coconut oil according to my hair type and have added Fenugreek seeds and Kalijira on my own.

Let me know if it helps the health of your hair and its growth 🙂


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