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Review of ELF Cream Eyeliner

Who doesn’t like eye makeup? Every girl is fascinated by eye makeup. Eyeliners are something that girls of any age can’t go without. So, today I’m going to talk about ELF Cream eyeliner. Like all other ELF products, it’s a budget friendly eyeliner.

So, let us see the details of the product.


This eyeliner comes in a transparent square tub , with a black screw lid. Just as you can see in the picture below. Also, an angled brush comes with it. But I haven’t found the brush much useful. So, I tossed it.


My experience with the ELF Cream Eyeliner:

The cream eyeliner is very black in color. It is highly pigmented. Its creamy consistency makes it easily applicable. I apply the eyeliner with my Real Technique Silicon Liner Brush. I find the combo of this cream liner and the Silicon Liner Brush awesome! Anyways, I opened the eyeliner and started using it almost on a daily basis. And even after 5months, the remaining eyeliner on the container did not dry up. So, I can say, as per my experience, the little tub goes a long way !


How it wears:

With every beauty product, there comes an inevitable question about how long the product lasts after applying. So, in this case, the ELF cream eyeliner lasts up to an astonishing 8+ hours!! It does not budge or smudge even a bit. So, it is great to wear at a day long program, at office (with a minimal look of course!) or somewhere when you don’t have the time or scope for any touch up. Because, the eyeliner does not need any touch up at all.



In Bangladeshi currency, it costs around 400 to 450 taka. You can easily order via online pages. But, be careful and look for the authentic product. Also, you can check out the ELF cosmetics site for the international price. For your convenience, I’m mentioning the US link of the product below:

So, for a drugstore, budget friendly eyeliner, I can say ELF cream liner is a great find and I am already using my second tub. Also, stocked up one more tub. So, you can guess how obsessed I’m with it!

I look forward to use some more shades of the cream eyeliner range. Last but not least, one of my friend named Farah mentioned about this eyeliner to me and asked me to give it a try. So, I’m really happy that I listened to her and gave it a try !

let me know about your experience with ELF Cream Eyeliner! Cheers!


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