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Quick hair mask for shinier, stronger hair

do you want hair that feels strong and shines from within? below is a quick hair pack that will make your hair strong, stop hair fall and give your hair a shine from the inside.

so, lets see the ingredients:

1. Ripe Banana (whole)
2. Mayonnaise – 2 Table Spoon (you can use any store-bought mayonnaise, you don’t have to use particularly the same mayonnaise brand given in the picture.)


procedure: mix the whole ripe banana and Mayonnaise well. blend these two ingredients really well. let the mixture stay for 10 minutes.

meanwhile, apply oil all through your hair. you can use the regular oil you apply on your hair. then, apply the mixture from root to tip of your hair. you can divide your hair in sections for the ease of application.

keep the mask applied for 20-30 minutes. if you really have dry, breakage-prone hair, you can keep the mask for 40 minutes maximum.

at last, wash your hair with you regular shampoo. be sure to wash thoroughly, and leave no residue behind. after that, apply conditioner. if you normally apply leave-in conditioners, you can apply that too. then air-dry your hair. (I prefer air-drying, as electronic hair-dryers make hair brittle and more prone to frizz.)

when fully dried, discover stronger , shinier hair which gives a healthier look . 🙂 

pro tip: also, once fully dried, you can run your fingers through your hair to see if  there is any fallout !

p.s: the quantity of ripe banana and Mayonnaise can vary depending on the length of the hair.

questions? comments? feel free to ask.

and keep following for more tips and product reviews:

thank you ! 🙂


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