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Review on Lador Acid Shampoo

Nowadays, I’m using an amazing shampoo from Lador, its called “Lador Acid Shampoo”. Before I start a review, let me describe my hair condition first. I colored my hair on July, 2017. then straightened it around November 2017. so, you can understand that, 2017 was a year of hair damage for me. lol!

As, Korean Cosmetics is very popular in Bangladesh, just like every other corner of the world, I thought of using a Korean Shampoo to take care of my colored hair. After looking for some shampoos, I chose the Lador Damage Protector Acid Shampoo.

So what Does Lador Acid Shampoo do?

in the bottle it says, “Keep color bright, vibrant and protected with this Acid Shampoo. It Seals the cuticle for ultimate shine, while natural extracts lock-in color instantly and remove dulling residues.”

Texture & smell: the shampoo looks transparent. the texture is slightly sticky, but it wont stick to hair, so thats not a big deal ! The smell is a beautiful one; at least you wont find it too intense even if you don’t like the smell. The smell is mild and refreshing to me.


Picture: Lador Acid Damage Protector Acid Shampoo.

In the packaging, one ingredient is mentioned with importance, which is, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil or the famous Argan Oil. lets see what I have found out about the ingredient.

“Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, also called argan oil, is the oil expressed from the kernels of the argantree. Treating argan oil with hydrogen results in the production of Hydrogenated Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil. Agania Spinosa Kernel Oil and Hydrogenated Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil may be used in skin care products, eye makeup, lipstick and suntan products.” (source:

My Usage: I use the shampoo 4-5 times in a week. its perfect for daily hair cleansing. Its a mild, very light shampoo. As I prefer hair oils, I put oil in my hair first, then wash my hair with this shampoo in a preferable time. A very little amount is needed, beware of the amount, as too much of it can make your hair dry!

I soak my hair into water, take a small amount in my palm, spread it into my other palm as well, then apply it directly into my scalp using fingertips. this process automatically spreads the shampoo in the full lengths of my hair. then I keep it for 30 seconds or so, and wash thoroughly with water. then I apply conditioner from the mid of my hair to the ends.

I let my hair air dry and see the amazing-ness of the shampoo.

The difference I find in my hair after drying:

1. hair feels much more softer than before.
2. there is a very freshening smell.
3. hair looks and feels healthy to touch
4. colored hair seems vibrant
5. the ends aren’t dried out.
6. the scalp feels healthy , without any greasy feeling or stickyness.

to me, personally, my hair feels such fresh and soft without any flyaways after using the shampoo that I’m totally hooked to this shampoo. this shampoo helps with hair growth and takes care of scalp health.  I barely use any other shampoo after I started getting to feel its benefits in my hair. I’m already using my 3rd bottle, one bottle goes for about 3 months for me.

So, Overall, this shampoo is my personal gem. Its a great find. Those who are struggling to get a good shampoo for regular hair maintenance, can try this out.

quantity: 150ML.

price: 500 BDT.

I got my one from Korean Cosmetics Bangladesh.

Disclaimer: picture is copied from the internet. I shall insert pictures taken by me pretty soon!

Review on Lador Acid Shampoo


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