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Tresmme Care & Protect Heat Defense Styling Spray Review

why heat defense sprays are needed? maybe we know the answer, but we are not always careful while using heating devices such as straighteners or curling irons on our hair for styling purpose! while styling, we should be very careful about the health of our hair strands and EVERY TIME we should use a HEAT DEFENSE SPRAY.

Today I’m going to talk about a heat defense spray by Tresmme, a very renowned brand for hair care.


So, This is how the Bottle of the Spray Looks. yes, its a 300ml spray. so you get quite a lot product, which can last you a while, though it depends on how frequently you curl/ straighten your hair.

the packaging is beautiful. It also has on & off lock. so, the product wont come out without turning on the spray.


This is how the back looks.

My Experience: I use this Spray before I put straightening machine on my hair. this spray comes out like mist, just like the other sprays. it has a pleasant flowery smell. its a very light spray. i spary it adequately on my hair. then i comb it gently to evenly spread the spray all over.

after straightening, the hair looks shiny, healthy and really smooth & soft to hold. this smooth & healthy look stays even the day after. I wash my hair on a daily basis, so I cant comment if the sleekness stays up to 48 hours or not!

Another way I use the heat protecting spray is, before going to office, if I find my hair rough, unruly or dry/unmanageable, I spray it at the drier hair parts, comb my hair thoroughly, & I’m good to go till I wash my hair.

This spray is very affordable too! I dont know about high-end sprays , but this is one of the best HEAT DEFENSE SPRAYs that I have used so far!


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