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The BodyShop Spiced Apple Softening Body Gel-Lotion Review

I have always used drugstore lotions. So, this winter, I opted for The BodyShop, and I picked up this lotion. before I share my experience, lets see what the BodyShop website says :

  • Leaves skin feeling softer, smoother and moisturized
  • With apple fruit extract from the Alps
  • Scented with the aroma of crisp apples warmed with notes of cinnamon and freshened with orange and white flowers
my experience: in the winter, when I used it for 5 to 7 days, it was not moisturizing enough. I felt that I’m just not moisturizing or hydrating my skin enough. my skin was getting more rough. So, I decided to stop using it and found a local brand of lotion for winter, which was adequately hydrating for my skin.
anyways, so I kept it for summer season and gave it a shot at summer. currently I’m using it and all I can say is, its just the right lotion for summer.
smell: the smell is of apple , with a strong hint of cinnamon. I think the cinnamon smell makes the overall “smoked” smell of the lotion.

texture: the texture is gel -like. doesn’t totally look like gel, but its not totally creamy either.  I think its somewhat between cream and gel texture. I think those who don’t like creamy texture of body lotions in summer, it shall be a perfect texture that they would prefer.


In my country, the weather is very humid in summer , and its too hot too. almost unbearable. in this weather, this kind of body lotion can be a perfect solution.

how do I use it: I usually take shower at night. after that, I apply the lotion thoroughly on my hands and legs. I don’t prefer applying lotion all over my body.
Picture: after applying the lotion. it glides smoothly onto the skin…

The lotion lasts up to the next day , which is a perfect time span for me.

1. hydrating enough for the summer days.
2. pleasant smell.
3. compact in size and travel friendly.
4. little goes a long way.

1. pricey.

so, here is my review. what is your experience with The BodyShop Lotions ? what flavors have you tried?

Sharable link : The BodyShop smoked apple lotion


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