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SRB Enzyme Powder Wash : First use review

So, I had a small pouch gifted as a sample to me by Korean Cosmetics Bangladesh. Today I thought of using it after coming from office.

The pouch looks like this:


So I opened the pouch (actually teared it off), then I had some product in my hand.

Texture: The texture is powdery. as you can see, its a finely-milled powder. when touched, it isn’t rough or too strong or gritty. its just a smooth powder form.


when I mixed it with water, it formed a foamy texture. the foam wasn’t very fluffy, it was just a mild foam. when applied on face, it spread nicely.

my experience: the powder wash doesn’t make much foam. also, i was wearing eyeliner. so was wondering if it’ll get cleaned. but, as i rubbed it around me eyes, the eyeliner came off beautifully, without leaving a trace! the overall face was also cleaned nicely.
then I pat dry my face with a towel. after that, I looked closely on the mirror. there was a nice, healthy glow on my face!

the face was looking very nice and fresh, with a healthy glow on it! my face had a silky feeling, it was smooth and bright.

below is the picture which was taken just after the wash. I didn’t put any moisturizer or toner before taking the picture.


just showing it to share the healthy glow that’s seen right after the wash.

Update: after 5 hours of washing face, it still has a healthy glow and freshening look.

About the quantity: I think the sample would provide 2 more washes for me, as you only need a tiny amount of product for each wash.

I think the product would be great for sensitive, dry and combination skin as the texture is very smooth while applied!


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