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Review On: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Leave-In Conditioner

After a long time, I’m back with a review again. Today I’ll be putting a review on Palmer’s coconut Oil Leave-In Conditioner.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Leave-In Conditioner

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my hair is colored, straightened, so its not strong as before. needs some extra care. also, as monsoon is going on, my hair is frizzy now too.

so, lets see how this product fares on my hair:

Consistency: the texture of the product is like water. so, the consistency is very runny and thin, just like water. there is no oil-like feeling like other dry oils. I can say it has sort of a hair mist type of consistency, in a bit heavier side.

This is how the texture looks. the smell is delicious.

Smell: this conditioner has a coconut-y smell. the smell is very pleasant. It gives a warm feeling overall.

How I Apply it: After properly washing my hair with shampoo, I condition my hair. Then after properly washing it, I wrap my hair around a towel, after the excess water is gone, I apply this Leave-in Conditioner.

verdict: A little amount of this conditioner is needed to apply on hair. I tend to spray it in my palm and then rub it in hair smoothly. you can also spray it directly on hair and spread it evenly on hair strands or wherever its needed more.

After drying, my hair feels really soft and smooth. there is a subtle shine in my hair also. without any greasy or heavy feeling, this leave-in conditioner works great in my hair. I think, the weather I live in, (hot-humid), its a great choice almost all through the year.

this leave-in conditioner is a great choice overall.


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