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Review on Bio Glow Brightening Face Wash

Bio Glow brightening facewash is a facewash I chose to buy because I was in a budget. I’m going to give a short review on it now.

The facewash is pink in color. It has a thin consistency and the smell of the facewash is a sweet floral smell.

Facewash is a thin liquid with a light pink color

How I use it: I splash water onto my face, then take an adequate amount o f the facewash in my hand. As the consistency is thin, a good amount of facewash is needed each time. So I put the facewash on a previously soaked face washing sponge (currently I am using Klairs Sponge) and I rub the sponge gently on the face in a circular motion for approximately one minute. Then I wash my face with a lot of water.

My Verdict: when used alone, the face wash didn’t seem to do much for my skin as my skin is oily with blackhead, whitehead problems. It seems like, the face wash doesn’t thoroughly clean off the buildup on skin. So I try to use it every time with cleaning sponge to get the maximum benefit out of the product.

The face wash is an AVERAGE one. Will be appropriate for skin types of normal to combination skin.  

About the Brightening Effect: I already use brightening toners/serums, so I can’t say if this product alone brings any brightening effect ! Let me know if you figure out !



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